Project References


While the name may be new, Upplands Energy has been providing lighting solutions since 2008.


We are a green energy conservation company dedicated to reducing the usage and cost of

electrical power, in all areas of industrial and commercial operations. Our focus is to implement

the best available, proven renewable energy technologies and combine them with the most

efficient lighting and electric motor control technologies.


Selected Projects:


1. Nike Corporate Aircraft and Maintenance Hangers

High Bay lights replacement, Orbis LED

Parking lot lighting replacement

Energy saved: 65%


2. Air Canada Maintenance Hangers

High bay lighting LED replacement

Energy saved: 66%


3. City of Port Hope

Street light retrofit project.

Energy saved: 50%


4. Vancouver 2010 Olympic Oval Speed Skating Facility

Stadium lighting replacement and retrofit.

Broadcast quality lighting system and controls

Energy saved: 46%


5. Burnhamwood Co-Operative

Street light retrofit project, LED corn technology

Parking and Area lighting, LED Flood lighting

Energy saved: 65%


6. Brampton Honda

Showroom lighting high bay replacement

Energy saved: 70%


7. Brampton Auto Mall

New construction

DHID and LED high bay lighting


8. And many more including


Municipal hockey rinks

Retail stores

Industrial factories






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