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                             ZeroSUN™: Off-Grid Solar lighting in ANY weather

                        Supporting a healthy green environment for communities




WHAT is ZeroSUN™ Solar Area Lighting

  • Ground breaking solar controller technolgy that transfers electricity from solar panels to the batteries and uses that power with the highest degree of efficiency.  
  • Operates every night, without the dependency on continuous presence of sunlight,
  • The most cost effective replacement of any outdoor area lighting connected to the grid,
  • Controlled and monitored remotely via LoRa GPRS wireless communication platform,
  • Requires no electrical power to operate,
  • Temperature compliance: -50C to +55C,
  • Reliable and dependable.


Our innovative ZeroSUN™ smart technology has no (Zero) dependency on continuous sunlight and has already been proven in many applications in Canada in areas of limited sunlight.  This technology became the foundation of the development of new end exciting products harnessing sunlight to power many different off-grid applications.


The ZeroSUN™ smart technology is compliant with many types of batteries including the latest generation of highly efficient lithium iron phosphate, allowing an unparalleled level of deep discharge without compromising life expectancy.  Combined with the highest quality solar panels and our creative design approach the UPPLANDS ZeroSUN™ systems are now operating in extreme cold environment of -50C and provides virtually limitless opportunities in applications replacing conventional grid power for most area lighting installations. 



Our systems provide high quality illumination in regions with extreme cold winter temperatures of -40C and below. The batteries we use are not only designed specifically for low temperature environments but our proprietary designs of protection systems enable the batteries to work with high efficiency and reliably in the harshest Canadian weather conditions.


We offer in-ground mounted battery vaults where theft and vandalism may be of some concerns or insulated enclosures for the batteries and controllers with a thermal module which creates a safe and reliable operating environment for the batteries even in extreme cold weather of -50C.


OTHER SERVICES, non-product related:

  • Lighting audits
  • Comprehensive light level and light distribution analysis
  • Lighting design and lauout
  • Custom lighting design
  • Contract installation


  • Recycling of old lighting components. For more info click here -->



  • Third party financing/leasing – Call RCAP Leasing at 226-448-1638 or click-->

Energy saving rebate applications -- We provide professional advice on the feasbility of your application to SaveONenergy from start to finish of your lighting project. For more info click here-->




Our creative approach to the development of new off-grid solar technologies have produced a range of innovative products that meet the highest efficiency and quality standards. Upplands’ advanced product research, development and technical support facilities are located in Toronto, Canada and our solar lighting test site is located in Neustadt, Ontario, just North-West of Toronto, where we are continuously testing and evaluating new product designs and complete systems.





We are committed to the success of your lighting projects. All Upplands’ products are subjected to a 100% quality inspection and guaranteed with warranty terms to meet the most stringent industry standards for the global market. Refer to our corporate warranty terms under About Us




Our continuous commitment to quality and innovation has propelled Upplands Energy into the forefront of recognized companies with the highest level of dedication to environmental responsibility.








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