About Us


Our focus is to develop and bring to market leading edge, industrial grade solar lighting and other solar powered products of superior quality and performance.


Our mission is to create new ways of utilizing the available solar energy in regions with limited amount of sunlight and to introduce a new game changing standard in solar power technology, making it possible to use solar power in applications previously not considered due to technological constraints.  The ultimate objective is to increase the utilisation of renewable resources by implementing novel technologies and significantly reduce the dependency on grid power.


Driven by our creative, forward thinking scientific approach we are making it possible to effectively harness virtually any amount of sun-and-daylight and apply it to lighting and other applications without any electrical grid power.


We endeavour to help Industry be more competitive by significantly reducing the operating costs by exploiting the vast power of renewable resources, reducing of CO2 emissions and reduce the dependency on the electrical grid.


All Upplands’ products are subjected to a 100% quality inspection and guaranteed with WARRANTY TERMS to meet the most stringent industry standards for the global market.

Our continuous commitment to quality and innovation has propelled Upplands into the forefront of recognized companies with a high level of dedication for environmental responsibility.

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Upplands Energy Inc.